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I’m happy to announce that the winner of the state championship will be in the Southeast Regionals in Asheboro, NC as always. In addition to this the runner up in the state finals will also be invited to the Southeast Regionals. This is being allowed because the state of GA has no legion teams and will not be in the regionals. NC has a host team and a play in team which already gives them two teams. SC is allowed the second team because we have the next most teams registered in the Southeast. I was notified this week about this.


I’m proud of all the hard work that the baseball committee does in the state of SC and the fact that we keep our number of teams at a high level. I’m also proud of the fact that around 1400 kids have participated in American Legion Baseball in SC in 2018. We have had a high level on play this year.


What an opportunity…. Maybe the 2 SC teams would end up in the winners bracket in the regionals and play one another. I would sure hope so.


Looking forward to finishing out a very successful season and again I wanted to say thanks to everyone. Good luck to all of the final 8 teams in the SR division. Also let’s not forget our JR tournament going on in Georgetown starting on the 21st and the SR finals in Columbia beginning on the 25th.


Legree Oswald
Southeast Region VP

Columbia, SC
Estes Express Lines

803-799-7730 X5174


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Legree Oswald, Director - 803-240-6047 -

League 1 - Chuck Lurey - 843-694-3936 - cell 843-838-3444,

League 2 - Bill Hardee - 843-2494 - cell 843-907-1720,

League 3 - Bill Brewer - 803-473-2264 - cell 460-4747

League 4 - Jimmy Hodge - 803-481-2137 - cell 983-5957,

League 5 - Buck Schwing - 803-329-5756 - cell 803-367-7758,

League 6 - Tommy Ford - 864-426-8032 - cell 864-426-4101,

League 7 - Mark Jackson - 864-918-1911,

League 8 - Billy Oswald - 803-796-7260 cell 803-413-5022, billyoswald@oswaldlawfirmnet








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